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Bigfoot videos on one easy to locate web library

Bigfoot Vids is a collection of informative videos about the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch on one easy to locate web video library. This library of videos is meant to counter the unfortunate trend taking place on video hosting sites where, for every sincere video which attempts to convey useful information about Bigfoot, there are countless other joke videos about the subject matter, in addition to thousands of videos tagged 'Bigfoot' that have little or nothing to do with the North American hominoid. Not only are these videos a waste of time if you are someone looking for legitimate information, they also bury more interesting videos on the subject matter and make them largely unfindable. This site is a small attempt to remedy this imbalance.


The goal of this site is strictly educational and informative. It is intended to raise questions and provoke discussion. It is not supported by advertising, and it makes no money. Proving or disproving Bigfoot's existence is not this site's goal, highlighting relevant videos that take the subject matter seriously is. It is hoped that, taken together, these videos will form a collective body of potentially useful information. Ultimately, it is left to the viewer's discretion to determine the relevance of each video.


The following criteria served as a guideline when selecting videos:

The "ideal video" would score highly in all five categories.