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Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson's Bigfoot Encounter, Bluff Creek, California

Psychologist Matthew Johnson's Bigfoot Encounter, Oregon, from Encounter at the Caves

Idaho Bigfoot Encounter

Idaho Bigfoot Encounter #2

T.A. Wilson's Encounter, California, from Bigfoot and the Rebel, part 3

Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson's California Bigfoot Encounter

Notes: This talk that Gimlin gave at an Ohio conference is in four parts, uploaded by Youtube poster "NewEnglandfolklore." Parts two and three are included here. Background: Prior to this most noteworthy of all encounters (since it was documented on film), Patterson and Gimlin drove from Washington to California to investigate recent sets of Bigfoot track finds, though the prints were largely washed out by the time the two arrived. Patterson and Gimlin put in two weeks of riding, "long hours" (Gimlin, Part 3), and even drove logging roads at night hoping to find tracks prior to the encounter. It may very well be that a lot of hard work, grit, and determination led up to this encounter, and, of course, Patterson had devoted himself to the search for years.



Part 2: (3:59) When Patterson and Gimlin rode their horses around a creek bend, Patterson leading, they encountered the Bigfoot, which, by the time Gimlin saw it, was standing on the other side, looking back at them. (It may have been crouched over when Patterson first saw it.) (4:19) "But it immediately turned and started walking away." (4:27) The strides it made later measured 42-48 inches. (4:49) Patterson's horse spooked and he had "to bail off and get his camera at the same time." (5:09+) After running "across the creek trying to get that camera focused on the creature," Patterson fell on the other side and "he went down on his elbows." This is the initial shaky part of the film. (6:16+) The Bigfoot kept striding away and Patterson had to get into better position to film it. Concerned that other Bigfoots were nearby, Patterson called out, "Bob, will you cover me?" (7:15) Gimlin rode across the creek and dismounted his horse. At this point, the Bigfoot looked back (frame 352 from the film.) (7:35) Gimlin, "I did not intend to shoot this creature and I never raised the rifle to my shoulder, ever." (8:16) Patterson's camera ran out of film.

Part 3: (0:08) Patterson did not want to try to track the Bigfoot because darkness came quickly in late October. (1:38) "The horse never made tracks as deep as the creature did, so that indicated right there that she was fairly heavy, that she was a heavy, heavy muscled creature." (5:30) Gimlin, "There was only Roger Patterson and I down there at that time. There was no one else down there."

Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot

Patterson/Gimlin Film (from MonsterQuest).

Psychologist Matthew Johnson's Oregon Bigfoot Encounter 

Note: This is a partial clip from the longer documentary, Encounter at the Caves. The complete documentary and complete description of the encounter can be viewed at thedailycourier.com.


Highlights: (0:40) Description of the Bigfoot: "Upright walking, apelike creature more than 8 feet tall with long dark brown to black hair covering its body, weighing 700-900lbs." (0:58) "Everything I knew about the great outdoors came crashing down. I'd never ever been so scared in my life."

Highlights of longer version, Part 1: (no time scale given) Johnson is described as an experienced outdoorsman. The Bigfoot was moving parallel to his family's movements along the trail, though Johnson did not see the creature until later. Johnson could hear the Bigfoot making deep "guttural" noises. After studying the creatures in the years since his encounter, Johnson has learned that he shouldn't have feared it, describing Sasquatches as "curious, smart and docile."

Highlights of longer version, Part 2: Ranger/biologist John Roth found a large print when inspecting the site the following day.

Idaho Bigfoot Encounter


Highlights: (1:33+) Sketch of the Bigfoot. Eyewitness noticed the Bigfoot walking uphill. It "walked like an old man, a tired old man." (1:50) The Bigfoot made no threatening gestures. It seemed to go about its "own business."

Idaho Bigfoot Encounter #2


Highlights: (3:06+) Eyewitness was on horseback when he saw Bigfoot approaching him through a clearing. The eyewitness noticed details like a burr stuck to the hair of creature's chest and something smeared on its face. Bigfoot kept coming closer, within twenty feet. (3:52) When the horse smelled the Bigfoot, it "didn't bother to raise its head, he just took a lunge and went across the creek."

T.A. Wilson's California Bigfoot Encounter

Note: Parts 1,2, and 3 from Bigfoot and the Rebel appear together under Field Researchers, T.A. Wilson.


Highlights: (0:40) Wilson tries to come to terms with his encounter. (0:58) "I'd like to think I was never in any danger though, ultimately, I'm never quite certain of this." (1:10) "I put on a brave front, but I'm not very good at it." (1:22) Animated version of the Bigfoot encounter and the tree shaking behavior it displayed.