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Local Newscasts:

Note: Where links are not provided, a title is. A search on the video site listed or doing a Google video search should bring these broadcasts up if available.

Local newscast: Seattle (Bellevue), Washington. Note: This newscast is a three part series. YouTube title: Sasquatch history 2.2 --Highlight: (1:30) Man describes encounter w/ two Sasquatches peering into a neighbor's house on a moonlit evening. Sasquatch history 2.3 -- Highlight: (2:39) Several labs analyze potential Bigfoot hairs and present their findings. Sasquatch history 2.1 -- Highlight: Introduction to the three part series. (1:00) Former tribal policeman Ken Cooper encounters Sasquatches while on patrol.

Local newscast: Spokane, Washington. Note: This newscast is related to the three part series above. YouTube title: Sasquatch history1 -- Highlight: (2:22) Bob Gimlin gives brief description of his encounter. Sasquatch history 1.3 -- Highlight: (0:37) Bob Gimlin describes his encounter. Sasquatch history 1.2 -- Highlight: (1:15) Bigfoot field researcher Rene Dahinden interviewed.

Local newscast: Sacramento, California. YouTube title: Recent Bigfoot Prints Found --Highlight: (2:04) Potential Bigfoot tracks measured 17 1/2" with a 56" stride.

Local newscast: Sacramento (Grass Valley), California. YouTube title: Man Plans to Hunt Bigfoot with Blimp Balloons -- Highlight: (0:13) A goldminer who spent months camping in the wilderness has a face to face encounter with a Bigfoot that approached his tent late at night. (1:48) Man now plans to locate/film Bigfoot by flying "a 35 foot helium ballon" overhead.

Local newscast: Fresno, California. Blacksitemedia.com title: Bigfoot in Fresno County --Highlight: Provides a general overview of the Bigfoot phenomenom with a local slant.

Local newscast: Salt Lake City, Utah. YouTube title: Sasquatch: Dr. Jeff Meldrum T.V. News Coverage --Highlights: (1:14) Dr. Jeff Meldrum featured. (2:21) Exhibit features Bigfoot at the Idaho Museum of Natural History.

Local newscast: Tyler, Texas. KETK NBC video. 'Bigfoot' Comes to East Texas --Highlights: (0:27) Daryl Colyer, vice-chairman of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, describes his encounter with a bipedal, man-sized creature that “jumped across the trail.” (1:07) The eastern part of the state is where most Bigfoot sightings occur.

Local newscast: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (rebroadcast by CNN). YouTube title: CNN Bigfoot in WI? --Highlight: (0:14) Man removing a road kill deer feels something shake his vehicle then sees "a large black furry figure reaching into the back of the truck."

Local newscast: Detroit (Mio), Michigan. YouTube title: WDIV Detroit October 1990 Bigfoot --Highlights: Two young men describe an encounter with Bigfoot on a trail. (0:45) The Bigfoot is described as humanlike with very big legs and no neck. (1:07) Bigfoot investigator Art Kapa interviewed. (2:08) Collection of track casts made in Michigan.

Local newscast: Charlotte (Casar), North Carolina. Channel 36 video. N.C. Man claims to have come face to face with Bigfoot. --Highlights: Rural resident encounters Bigfoot outside his mountaintop home. (-1:53) While the man was calling coyotes, a Bigfoot turned up instead. (-1:30) A skeptical police sargeant Mark Self received a report of "a eight to ten foot hairy man looking person." (-0:59) When creature returned, man warded it off. (-0:47) "Deputies filed a suspicious persons report."

Local newscast: Charlotte, North Carolina. WCNC Channel 36 video. Hunting for Bigfoot: Expert stakes out forest. --Highlights: Focuses on Bigfoot field investigator Mike Greene, a retired state fraud investigator. (-3:28) Greene, who has searched for Bigfoot for over twenty years, once had an encounter where he was awaken by "two deep Darth Vader breaths." (-3:12) Of the time he caught Bigfoot on his thermal camera, he says, "There it was, eight or nine feet tall, just like in the movies, walking sideways to me, boom, boom, boom." (-1:49) High-tech equipment and techniques Greene employs in his search.

Local newscast: Greensboro (Asheboro), North Carolina. WGHP Fox 8 video. N.C. Man Lures Bigfoot with Candy. --Highlights: Focuses on Bigfoot field investigator Mike Greene, a retired state fraud investigator. (-2:39) Greene explains the thermal image he recorded of what he insists has to be a Sasquatch. (-2:10) Greene states that the thermal image shows a Sasquatch taking a candy bar he left out on a tree stump. (-2:03) "You see a big white seven and a half, eight foot tall thing come out of the woods and grab the candy bar and leave and then come back and sway back and forth a little bit. It can’t be anything else." (-1:48) If this was a man in a costume, the heat signature would be uneven. (-1:00) Despite having over 200 game cams in the wilderness, the BFRO has so far been unable to get a picture of a Bigfoot.

Local newscast: Jacksonville, Florida. YouTube title: Bigfoot in N.E. Florida Interview --Highlight: Features biology teacher and naturalist David Wright and a Bigfoot sightings map of the surrounding counties.

Local newscast: Vancouver Island, Canada. ANews. Sasquatch Legend True. -- Highlights: Interview with John Bindernagel, wildlife biologist and author of North America’s Great Ape: The Sasquatch, with details about his latest book The Discovery of Sasquatch. (0:37) “It (Bigfoot) has been discounted as myth, as hoax, as hallucination. There is a tremendous resistance to accepting the existence of an upright ape in North America.” (0:46-0:58) Drawings of Bigfoot and track casts from Bindernagel’s collection. (1:50) “Most sightings do not become reports” due to the poor reception witnesses receive from others they initially try to confide in.